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Automatic Livestock Drafting System

We’ve applied our experience to create a prototype automated drafting system for livestock. We can design and build these to work with your existing livestock handling systems such as a cattle crush. They can be programmed to draft via remote control, weight or RFID tags, giving the farmer the information that they need at the time of drafting, without the need for sifting through files and records to see how their livestock is performing.

As part of this we were asked to build a draft system to complement a Cattle Crush.  This was built and installed on a property handling up to 1,000 head a per day. Our system interfaces with the customer’s weigh indicator to provide the benefits of automation with the Crush. This removes human error during the drafting process and ensures the animals go where they are meant to. We’re now working on building more of these units for other customers.

Automatic Livestock Drafting System Video