MBI Engineering was engaged to carry out a complete electrical upgrade of a major pumping station as a turnkey solution. This provided the customer with an automated pumping station that was designed to meet Australian and legislative standards as well as being able to withstand the harsh corrosive operating environment. This system was designed, constructed and installed onsite by MBI Engineering. Some of the key components;

  • Drafting and design of a custom built 316 stainless steel MCC supplying two 110kW mono pumps.
  • Offsite construction and programming of the MCC and control system.
  • Onsite installation and commissioning of the MCC and upgrade of the field control devices.

The switchboard was designed to provide segregation between the low voltage and extra low voltage components to provide additional safety where tradesmen could effectively fault find on the system without being exposed to any hazardous voltages. The addition of the variable speed drive provides reduced power draw on start-up and reduce wear and tear on the mechanical components of the pumping system. This all worked toward helping reduce overall maintenance and running costs of the system.